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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Trip to Istanbul

Destination for winter 2005: Istanbul
Length of stay: 5 days
Average temperature: 28 degress
Number of earrings bought between my sister and I: 13 , I repeat, 13 pairs

The first night in Istanbul was quite tasty, but it didn't come easy. We left the hotel having no idea where we were, only finding ourselves half-lost in unfamiliar, dark streets 20 minutes later-- cold and hungry. Right when we were about to turn back to the hotel, a shop owner hollered at us to offer help. He told us about "this restaurant in this place" (that's exactly how much we gathered). And he would later find us a cab to take us , but first he wanted to show us everything in his shop. So we walked around, not quite sure what to think and trying not to worry about "this restaurant". But an empty promise (we'll come back) and 10-minute cab ride later, the best meal we had in Istanbul was right at our fingertips. mmMmmmMMm! Then we felt bad about not buying anything for the shop owner...a lesson on the general lack of trust?

The next morning we visited Dolmabahce Palace, an impressive 19th century building. We were even employed as temporary actors to act as tourists (but wait... we WERE tourists) for a news channel.

: more updates later.. I promise

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Sister in Cville

This weekend my sister came down to C'ville, and I finally have a car to show her around!

So of couse the best way to start the day... bagles from Bodo's
Then we walked around the downtown mall for a while... I got so excited when it stopped raining.

Then upon her law-school-nerd request, we toured around law school ;p

mmMmm.. Southern Culture serves a lot of yumminess

Good night =)

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Hiking Old Rag

Over the weekend I went on the longest hike I've ever been on at Old Rag (6 hours!) Okay..well..maybe we ate lunch for an hour ;p

If you think that I look cool sitting on the rock and I most probably looked just as cool getting there...think again.

I was mostly confused about how I'd get on it (where is the elevator?!)

Gorgeous view..

I'm gonna throw this at you...

Friday, September 23, 2005

Desire to be recognized

Current recognition level:
26/193 countries in the world
Method for raising recognition:
Obscene amounts of foreign aid for 3rd-world countries.

When I was wiki-surfing today (again!), I found 4 entries about Taiwan
Republic of China
Chinese Taipei
Taiwan Province

And it struck me once again: who really knows the difference/non-difference?

It's always sad for me to realize how blury Taiwan's image is in the international community. Most people know Taiwan as "Taiwan", but we're not allowed to be called "Taiwan" at the Olympics or a lot of other international sporting events-- instead we're "Chinese Taipei". We can't take our flags to the Olympics and when a gold metal is earned we can't play our national anthem-- instead there's a flag designed just for the Olympics and our flag song is played. Seeing it happen on TV last year made my heart die a little-- (darn it, I'm proud and I want the rest of the world to know that it was us!)

My Taiwanese passport still has "Republic of China" printed in gold letters on the cover, which is Taiwan's official name but is hardly recognized by anyone. When I was in Thailand, the hotel receptionist glanced at my passport and wrote down "China" in the "country" field. I sighed-- can I accuse her of ignorance when 99% of the world would do exactly what she did?

Everytime I run across a website/map that lists "flags around the world", it makes me delighted to see Taiwan's flag. But then I catch myself and think "wait, but it should be there."

My point is, I hope, one day Taiwan will be recognized internationally, completely, and there will just be one Wiki entry about what Taiwan is called.

Proposed flag for the Republic of Taiwan? I hope they're not serious..

Thursday, September 15, 2005

iPod Nano skins...already?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My Google Crush

I have a confession to make: I love Google

I, as a geek-wanna-be and a huge fan of Google, was pleasantly surprised by Google's beta release of Blog Search. I will soon become a blog junkie (okay fine, already sort of am) browsing blogs on international business, gadgets, the IT industry, how to speak English, etc. It really amazes me how much good info you can find on blogs, probably because I'm used to reading online journals about failing tests and breaking up.

And I have to thank danio for his post on Blogs and RSS. Really, that's how it all started. Between blogs and Wiki, I learn =)

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Life after dorm

After 3 years of dorm life, I finally decided to move off campus, where I can decorate more than 10% of my wall and light candles in my room, not to mention having a queen-sized bed all to myself. Interestingly enough, I live with 3 boys-- 3 fabulous gays, and I love it. So I figured it has come time for me to introduce the roomates and our crazy house in the woods.

see I told you it was in the woods.

Us shaking it on the stairs
From the top: Ari, Tom, me, and Nick
Good times...

I feel alive.